WOMAN ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF TAMPERING WITH ESCOM EQUIPMENT, “used electricity for 4 years without paying for it at her lodge”

A 31-year-old woman is in police custody on suspicion that she by-passed ESCOM electricity meter and used electricity for four years without paying for it.

A raid by ESCOM security team and the police on Tuesday netted Tiwonge Jere for allegedly using stolen electricity at her Malembo Lodge in Lilongwe’s Kaphiri Area.

It is alleged that Jere, alongside her husband, Chimuzu Duli, tampered with an ESCOM electricity meter to supply their lodge, neighbours alerted ESCOM about the alleged crime, leading to the arrest.

Jere’s husband is serving a prison sentence following his conviction in an unrelated criminal offence.

Jere faces a charge of disturbing or tampering with any electric meter or other measuring instruments or apparatus, contrary to section 45(2b) of the electricity Act.

Meanwhile, investigations are still going on to round-up Jere’s accomplices.

ESCOM is reminding its customers or prospective customers to always make their transactions at designated desks in all ESCOM offices. Customers should avoid dealing with people who claim to have connections at ESCOM or those found loitering outside ESCOM offices.

Jere comes from Mabulabo Village, in the area of T/A Mabulabo in Mzimba District.

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