We Are Not Shithole Nation Malawi Rebuke Trump Remarks

Malawi rejects being a ‘shithole’ country but warm heart of africa.

Malawi government has said ours is not a ‘shithole’ country but warm heaert rejecting United States (US) President Donald Trump’s remarks calling African nations, Haiti and El Salvador ‘shitholes’.

Government spokesperson, who is also minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi, while he was coy to rebuke Trump, said Malawi is not a ‘shithole’ country and Africa is not a shithole continent but warm heart of africa.

Dausi could not comment on whether the US ambassador in Lilongwe had been summoned to clarify whether the nation was regarded as a “shithole” country amid global rebuke and protest.

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Dr Emmanuel Fabiano has not commented on the matter.

The US is Malawi’s largest bilateral donor that forks out at least $400 million annually into the country.

The country is also currently benefitting from US’s $350 million Millennium Challenge Account (MCC) investment to improve the energy sector.

The ongoing five-year compact is designed to improve the power generation and transmission infrastructure. The compact closes in September this year.

However, Malawi has missed out on a second compact due to poor governance and failure to tame corruption.

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