[Watch] VP Chilima asking Malawians not to vote for those who snubbed the presidential debate. “it is an ‘insult’ to Malawians to vote for people who have shown ‘clearly’ that they do not want the job.

Chilima, in veiled reference to President Peter Mutharika who did not attend any of the three presidential debates, said the people who were attending the presidential debates were asking for a job from Malawians and those who snubbed the debates are not interested in the job.

“What we are doing here (the presidential debates) is very serious because we want to have a better Malawi. So those who did not come here for this debate are clearly not interested in this job and therefore you should not vote for them,” said Chilima.

Apart from Mutharika, Tikonze Alliance presidential candidate Cassim Chilumpha also snubbed the debates.

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