Veep hints on DPP exit

Vice President Saulos Chilima has for the first time spoken out about rampant corruption in government and hinted on leaving the ruling DPP because corruption has reached what he has called “embarrassing levels”.

Chilima was speaking today in Ntchisi where he presided over a Catholic Church event.

In his speech delivered in Chichewa, Chilima said Malawians should stop clapping hands but rather condemn thieves that are stealing government money and putting the lives of manny Malawians at risk. He said it is this theft that has led to drug shortages in hospitals.

“Tiyeni tidzudzule mchitidwe wakuba. Tiyeni tisiye kuombela mmanja anthu akuba. Anthu akuba mubomamu akuyika miyoyo ya anthu ena pa chiopsezo. Zafika poyipa kwambiri ndipo pochititsa manyazi. Mankhwala muzipatala kubedwa. Kuba konzunza a Malawi. Izi ndizija mumazapeza kuti band yagawanapo zida chifukwa zanyanya”


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