In a very rare twist of events as some members of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of the so-called Chilima Movement are canvassing for the presidential candidacy of Vice-President Saulos Chilima and others drumming up support for the incumbent President Peter Mutharika, one of the people close to Mutharika and long time security aide and confidente, Norman Chisale has warned people in Ntcheu not to be swayed by what he called frustrated politicians from the southern region who, according to him, are trying to use the Veep as a bargaining tool and pawn in their political survival tactics.

Chisale is the Director of Security for State Residences and started serving the Mutharika’s during late Bingu wa Mutharika’s time.

This was the first time ever for Chisale, who has a military background, to addresss a DPP political gathering.

It was not clear in what capacity he was making the address but he informed the meeting that although he does not hold any position in the DPP, he wanted to address the gathering in his personal capacity after noting that four DPP senior members whom he said all came from the Lhomwe belt are misleading some people in Ntcheu for personal gains.

Chisale comes from Ntcheu.

“These people have thier own issues. And they are putting words in Saulos Chilima’s mouth. They want to use him. If they honestly want to replace President Mutharika in the DPP party, why are they dragging Saulos Chilima into their plan?. Why can’t they choose the replacement from amongst themselves”? wondered Chisale.

The lanky security man told the crowd that he works with both President Mutharika and Chilima in the Presidency and as far as he in concerned the two individuals work together and their relationship is cordial.

“It’s is these four or five people Patricia Kaliati, Bon Kalindo and two or three others that are dragging the Vice President name and the people of Ntcheu into thier personal project . Lets not get involved. They should not use us,” Chisale retorted.

Chisale informed the crowd that in less than two weeks time there shall be political developments which shall expose the so called Chilima Movement agitators as opportunits who have dragged the name of the VP in mud without his involvement in their dealings.

He said Chilima had a great political future in DPP but he feared that there is a conspiracy among some south based politicians to destroy him by igniting a fued between him and his President.

Chisale stressed that Mutharika will be DPP torchbearer in 2019 elections.

The statements by has left many wondering whether he had the blessing of his boss to make them or that he embarked on a solo project for his own reasons.

Former first lady Callista Mutharika—widow of Bingu who was the incumbent President’s elder brother—sparked the succession debate weeks ago when she said her in-law, 79, should pave the way for the comparatively youthful and energetic Chilima, 45.

Besides Kaliati and Kalindo, several DPP NGC members and legislators, including Noel Masangwi (Blantyre City East and NGC member), Allan Ngumuya (Blantyre City South), Malison Ndau (Ntcheu Central), Paul Chibingu (Mwanza West), national director of youth Louis Ngalande and suspended deputy regional governor (North) Afiki Mbewe have openly supported Chilima’s candidacy.

Other legislators in Chilima Movement are Joseph Chidanti Malunga and Willet Kalonga.


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