UTM will recover all the money stolen from government including in the procurement of Escom generators – VP Saulosi Chilima.

Vice-President Saulosi Chilima, who is presidential hopeful for UTM Party in the May 21 2019 watershed elections, says his administration will recover money stolen under the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government and once again offered that after assuming power, he will grant a 30-day amnesty to those who have stolen from the public purse to refund the money.

Chilima said during a rally at Ntaja in Machinga district in the Yao nad Friday afternoon that his administration will decisively deal with corruption and suspects will be given time for restitution of the stolen public money.

“We are saying that those who stole government money should give it back. We will give them a 30-day amnesty soon after swearing-in,” Chilima told a huge crowd that attended the rally.

He said other parties no moral high ground to fight corruption although they have talked about it in their manifestos.

In a thinly veiled reference to DPP whose leader President Peter Mutharika who was embroiled in a K145 million payout to the DPP, Chilima said UTM will recover all the money stolen from government including in the procurement of Escom generators.

“We know that we have resources in this country and they have been stolen but do not worry we will recover this money because we know who have taken this money, ” said Chilima.

He also praised former President Bakili Muluzi who comes from the area for playing his part during his 10-year rule.

“Other leaders did their part and they left and in less than 41 days someone [at State House] will also pack up and go. Izi ndizosiyilana, azisiya” said Chilima.

The Vice President also promised that his government will provide a good life for everyone in the country.

“When we talk development it should be real development not just putting some foundation stones,” he said.

In the 2019 DPP manifesto, the party promises to put in place stiffer and custodial sentences for convicts of corruption and economic crimes, including a minimum of 15 years jail.

The manifesto adds that special courts will be introduced to speed up handling of corruption cases.

But Chilima said those who are perpetuating corruption cannot stand on higher moral ground to promise the fight against the vice.

Chilima reminded President Mutharika that he has less than 40 days to be in power and that he should “start packing”.

Speaking at the same televised rally, former first lady Shanil Dzimbiri, a former wife of first multiparty democracy president Bakili Muluzi, said she was in UTM to help Chilima fight for “economic freedom” of Malawians.

Shanil said she was there when she helped in the liberation struggle from one party dictatorship to democracy.

“This time around I am also on the side of the people who are fighting to liberate Malawians from the bondage of poverty,” she said.

She said UTM was formed to clear the mess created by the current administration which continues to plunder public resources when the majority of the citizenry were living in abject poverty.

UTM presidential running mate Dr Micheal Usi also spoke at the rally and said Malawians should vote for Chilima who is ready to usher in the change Malawi needs.

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