Tropical Cyclone Kenneth cyclone to make a landfall tomorrow, “rainfall expected over lakeshore areas” -MET

According to an updated weather forecast from malawi department of climate and meteorological services as of Wednesday, 24th April 2019 Tropical Cyclone Kenneth over the Indian Ocean has deepened further to a pressure value of 986 millibars at a distance of 986km east of Nkhatabay as it continues to move westwards at a speed of 20 km per hour.

By Thursday 25th April 2019, Tropical Cyclone Kenneth is expected to be at a distance of 766km east of Nkhatabay generating winds with speed of 160km per hour.

By Friday 26th April 2019 Tropical cyclone Kenneth is expected to make a land fall over north-west of Pemba City in province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique and will be at a distance of 523km east of Nkhatabay.

By Saturday 27 April 2019 Tropical cyclone Kenneth is will significantly weaken while in the province of Cabo Deldgado in Mozambique at 473 km east of Nkhatabay.

As of today Wednesday 24th April 2019 the Tropical Cyclone has no direct effect on the weather over Malawi.

However as the Cyclone approaches Malawi it may enhance rainfall activities over the country particularly along the lakeshore areas.

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services will therefore continue monitoring closely the movement of Tropical Cyclone Kenneth and its intensity which can directly or indirectly affect weather over the country and will continuously issue updates.

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