Travelling in Malawi roads

Roads becomes thinner during lunch time in malawi.

This are hustles traveling and driving during lunch hour time in the major cities of malawi.

On the pic limbe to maselema takes about 45 minutes.

With other drivers opting to change route in the middle of the road.

A distance that takes 5 minutes when there is no traffic.

President  mutharika will soon launch same single lane in northern region after, an upgrade road from mzuzu to Nkhatabay.

The road is said to improve goods between the two districts.

Kavuzi, mpamba and liphasa rice schemes are agricultural lands with many farmers hoping to benefit from the tarmac road.

Yamikani Chezani

Journalist by profession, I like what I do here, that is, keeping the world close to news As It Happens.

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