Suspect Alleges Corruption in Plot Allocation

There are reports that scores of top government and officials from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) were recently swindled millions of Kwacha by some tricksters who pretended to be officials from the ministry of land processing allocation of plots offered to the said officials.

Now one of the people believed to have a part of the swindlers says the issue is more than just theft by trick as he and his colleagues were taking advantage of a suspect plots allocation.

The man, Geoffrey Nyirenda, whose account the top officials deposited a collective K30 million, says government officials are corruptly allocating land to politicians in schemes that involve their children, spouses and other avenues.

When asked what he thought when the officials responded to their dubious phone calls by depositing money in his bank account, he said that “these people preferred short cuts.

“Other people such as Peter Kumpalume, Seodi White, and Jappie Mhango refused. They deposited the money because they wanted shortcuts. You cannot deposit the money without evidence,’’ he said.

He said some of the people who deposited the money include former agriculture minister Dr. Allan Chiyembekeza, presidential advisor on youth Vuwa Kaunda, Aggrey Masi, former information minister Patricia Kaliati, Francis Mphepo, speaker of the national assembly Richard Msowoya and foreign affairs minister Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano.

Some of these people have denied being approached by the swindlers while some have confirmed.

Nyirenda is wanted for allegedly swindling over twenty top government and DPP officials.



Yamikani Chezani

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