Sidik Mia wife acts savagely and embarrase her husband,” during presidential runnigmate debate.

Wife to Malawi Congress party (MCP) presidential running mate, Mohammed Sidik Mia, Abida, embarrassed her husband with her behavior when, sitting in the front row, was making gestures to disturb UTM Party Presidential running mate Dr Michael Usi Thursday night.

Usi had to complain to moderator of the running mates live television debate Zodiak’s Frank Joab Chakhaza to ‘censure’ Abida who was disturbing him whenever he wanted to speak.

“I think you should tell this woman to stop what she is doing, she is over doing things, she is my sister but she has gone overboard,” Usi said.

Abida was on top of her voice and making gestures whenever Usi was given the podium to the annoyance of some of the audience.

Many people vented their anger on Abida on social media saying the behavior she displayed on Thursday night was not one of the wife of a Vice President of the country.

“I thought this woman was well behaved but she was acting like a savage who clearly embarrassed her husband,” wrote one Emily Phiri.

Chakhaza, on several occasions pleaded with the audience to ‘behave and give chance to the debaters to articulate their policies’.

Abida, mostly seen as an aggressive woman compared to her husband, was seen burying her face when she realized that she was embarrassing her husband on the podium.

Mia had a tough time to defend MCP proposal that the party will build hospitals within every 4 kilometres across the country, a point which surprised many including host Chakhaza.

He also said MCP will not charge hospital fees when elected into government, contrary to what is in its manifesto which states that ‘the goal of the MCP government will be to ensure universal access to decent fee public health services to all Malawians’.

MCP launched its party manifesto on Saturday last week, just less than six days before Thursday’s debate

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