Rwandese National Arrested in Blantyre: Fined by Court

A Rwandese national was yesterday arrested in Blantyre when he attempted to acquire a Malawi passport by false pretense. 

It has been established that the Rwandese presented himself to the passport interview desk as Josephy Phiri who hails from Suya village in Traditional Authority Machinjiri’s area, in Blantyre. He claimed that his father comes from Joliamu village,  T/A Khongoni in Lilongwe district. He presented himself with passport application forms which were duly endorsed by the District Commissioner but the competent officers at the interview desk suspected this applicant to be concealing his true identity in the course of responding to the security setting questions. He was then sent to the Repatriation, a sub section of the Permit Section, for further interrogations.

It was there and then when the Rwandese revealed that his real name was Josephy Ndayizeye from Rwanda and that he holds a Refugee status in Malawi. He was then charged with False Declaration, an offence which is contrary to Section 327 of the Penal Code, CAP 7:01, of the the Laws of Malawi.

When he was taken to court, he pleaded guilty to the accounts that were leveled against him and he was fined MK50,000 and further ordered to go back to Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Yamikani Chezani

Journalist by profession, I like what I do here, that is, keeping the world close to news As It Happens.

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