Reflect “Your stay in that office seems to be a cause for social disruption and political unrest” Malawi law society tells Jane Ansah

The Malawi Law Commission (MLS) has asked Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Judge Jane Ansah, SC to deeply reflect on the value of remaining in office when her stay in that office seems to be a cause for social disruption and political unrest.

In a letter seen by, MLS has also urged organisers of demonstrations against Ansah’s handling of the May 21 elections to also “deeply reflect on the value of such demonstrations while the substance of the subject matter remains a legal dispute being managed through the courts with a possibility of either outcome, at least in legal theory”.

The letter titled ‘Management of Electoral Complaints and Determination of Electoral Results Concerning Presidential Elections 2019’ is addressed to President Peter Mutharika, Judge Jane Ansah, SC, UTM Party president Saulos Chilima, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera, MP, Speaker of the National Assembly, Police Inspector General, Human Rights Defenders Coalition chairperson Timothy Mtambo.

The communication has also asked the aggrieved parties to consider dialogue.

“The Law Society wishes to call upon the political leaders to consider national dialogue over the state of the nation following the outcome of the May 21presidential elections. Provided such negotiation is conducted with mutual respect, collective security and common interest in mind,” says the letter signed by MLS secretary Martha Kaukonde.

The Society of lawyers has also taken a swipe at political party leaders for using their rallies to castigate each other, to campaign and to declare their positions on the election outcomes.

Instead, MLS has urged political parties to prepare their supporters for either a decision by the courts to nullify or uphold the May 21 results.

“We therefore urge you the political leaders and indeed any member of any grouping to desist from the temptation to assume the role of an arbiter in the electoral dispute placed before the Court,” the statement further says.

The Democratic Progressive Party has also been asked to “consider whether organising any form of counter-demonstration and victory rallies does not fuel the differences especially while the matter remains in Court with a possibility of either outcome”.

UTM and MCP went to the Courts to demand a nullification of the May 21 Presidential Election results saying there were a number of irregularities. The case is set to start on July 29th.

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