Presidential debate: moderator critsed, she was slow, repetitive.

Following the end to presidential runnigmate debates presidential candidates aspirant took to the podiums debating on various topics from health, economy and agriculture at Bingu International Conference Center(BICC) in Lilongwe.

Unlike joab frank chakhaza Grace Malera has been criticized from viewers for her repetitive questions to candidates.

Commenting from women lawyers on Twitter followers writes …the moderator of this debate, isn’t fit to make this thing interesting and worth it. #Malawi…. It doesn’t feel like it is live.🤣

The moderator can do better. She is killing the excitement. #presidential debate….
…Thanks for introducing a new face and profession to the debate. Allow me to say there could have been a better way to assist in the debate than being the main moderator….She chewed more time than the contestants, she has a slow tongue, keeps repeating etc..

….Very proud of you @GraceMalera well done. May you do the below in round 2
1. Allow the debaters to clash it out. Let them iron things out for a minute.
2. May you please not repeat the question to every participant. Once read (shorter form please) mention the person to answer

Malera a is former Media Council of Malawi chairperson and ex-Malawi Human Rights Commission CEO

President mutharika was absent from the debate.

Media reports says the governing DPP is still discussing internally on whether to change its stand against participating in presidential candidates debates.

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