President Mutharika promises to construct New Zingwangwa Market, “funds are already available for the construction project,”

With only 3 months to go for malawi general elections president Peter Mutharika has said his government will construct a new market for the people of Zingwangwa in Blantyre.

Speaking during a whistle stop tour in Zingwangwa on Sunday, Mutharika said the area is at his heart as he once lived in Zingwangwa before going to United States of America where he stayed for many years.

“When I look at you the people of Zingwangwa, I see my brothers and sisters because before going to America, I was living in Zingwangwa. I came here in 2014 and promised you of developments which the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has implemented.

“Now I want to tell you that we will build a new market here in Zingwangwa and the funds are already available for the construction project,” Mutharika disclosed.

Mutharika said that his government has implemented so many infrastructural developments which were left unfinished by the previous government including the Thyolo University and the Masauko Chipembere Highway.

“After the death of Bingu, Joyce Banda’s government failed to finish the construction of Masauko-Chipembere Highway, MUST, Bingu National Stadium, BICC, but the DPP government has finished all of these projects,” he said.

The State President also said that under his government, over 90 bridges have been constructed including the 180 meter Chikwawa-Chapananga Bridge, the longest in the country and also the Blantyre Dual Carriage Way, the Chichiri Business Center and also the Cement-Malata program.

Mutharika then added that in July, the construction of an eight storey building near Mount Soche in Blantyre will start and also the 180 kilometer Blantyre ring-road which connects from Chigumala-Mpemba-Michiru-Lunzu-Njuli- Mzedi- Machinjiri-Bangwe.

Last week mutharika promised local football clubs beforward wanderers and big bullets that he will build them stadiums.
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