Police recover gas launcher lost during ant-jane ansah CSO demonstration, “100 now in police custody”.

Police in lilongwe say 100 people connected to the looting and damage of property in the violence that ensued have been arrested.

This follows police investigation into August 6 anti-Justice Jane Ansah volitile demonstrations in Lilongwe.

A report seen by aihnews from Kawale Police shows that a gas launcher serial number SJ 17002153 got stolen by (1) Mac Chipingasa D.O.B. 21/07/2000 vge. Manondo T/A Kaphuka D.Dedza c/o Chipasula 1 and (2) Ibrahim M’balaka D.O.B. 31/07/2000 vge. Chakhumbira T/A Chakhumbira D.Ntcheu c/o Chipasula.

The two suspect have since been arrested and gas launcher recovered by CID team.

Investigations are still under way to arrest the remaining suspects.

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