Opinion: Who is better between Atupele vs Chilima, ” as both are serving in DPP Led government”

Some people are arguing the philosophy of Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima of pulling out from the DPP 4 years after being with the party.

Surely the argument is becoming more intense just because of publicising corrupt activities within the system, coupled with the support he has accumulated among Malawians.

Putting politics aside, SKC has immensely contributed a lot to the country through the ‘Public Sector Reforms’ which after the DPP diehards saw it prospering, snatched from his office.

On the argument that where has he been for 4 years!!.
The answer is simple, SKC has been with DPP, just like Atupele Muluzi.

Now I wonder that people are busy criticising SKC and leaving out Atupele Muluzi?

Atupele is still serving as a cabinet Minister, SKC as the Vice President and both are eyeing for the presidency through their political parties.

A question is, SKC has seen that there’s rampant corruption and has decided to step aside and criticize the malpractice.

Yet someone is still within the system, knows that there’s corruption, and decide to give it a blind eye, and continue to preach that the government is clean

Who is better between the two??

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