New energy drink hits Malawi market

A new exciting drink has been introduced in Malawi. The drink, called KABISA Energy Drink has officially been launched in Malawi by the collaboration between Mutalo Group and H&H Hardware who are based in Limbe in Malawi’a commercial capital city of Blantyre.

Mutalo Group is an energy drink manufacturer and one of the largest energy drink companies in Poland. Their goal is to produce the best energy drinks and stay on top of the list of energy drink brands.

Mr. Hasnein Hussein​, a Malawian businessman who is also the owner of H&H Hardware has cooperated with KABISA Team on the introduction of this unique beverage. He is in charge of launching the product in Malawi.

When asked about the collaboration of H&H Hardware and the Kabisa Energy drink team, Mr Hussein said he was thrilled with the coperation.

“​It is a great opportunity for us to introduce a new remarkable product on the Malawian market. We want to give our customers a chance to try the best products we can find and I believe that KABISA is one of the most outstanding offers on the global market nowadays. There is no doubt that Malawians will appreciate the high quality and extraordinary taste of this beverage,” said Hussein.

KABISA is full of innovation and novelty. The Kabisa team said the beverage is produced in Poland to ensure the highest quality and the unique taste.

But how does it differ form other energy drinks available on the market? Mutaro group, producers of KABISA says the drink contains 100% natural sugar, no harmful sweeteners and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 that are crucial for the body.

The composition of KABISA and its unique vibe made the product one of the most anticipated and cherished energy drinks in Africa.

Its tropical taste really works on the imagination. KABISA brings an original and colorful design of the can, which reflects its refreshing taste and high quality of the product. It’s fancy design draws attention and stands out on store shelves.

KABISA is already availablein the best bars and restaurants in Blantyre and in chosen shops and supermarkets.

“Our plan is to distribute our beverages countrywide.Traders are welcome to deal directly with H&H HARDWARE on +265 992 82 90 30,” concluded Mr Hussein.

Yamikani Chezani

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