MCP belittle Nankhumwa peace and dialogue wish, “his position is that of a Regional Vice President, not his positional counterparts”

In its response to Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa suggestion for peace talks MCP Publicity Secretary Rev Maurice Munthali says
being the Party that established the philosophy of contact and dialogue in Malawi, MCP would like to inform the general public that while it believes contact and dialogue would be a positive approach in resolving the political disputes in our midst, it is an approach that only yields fruit when done in good faith.

Sadly, Hon. Nankhumwa has made no direct approach to MCP either before or since making his public remarks to demonstrate that he indeed made them in good faith.

Secondly, since Hon. Nankhumwa’s position in the DPP is that of a Regional Vice President, his presumption to convene a meeting with Presidents of other political parties who are not his positional counterparts, effectively usurping the prerogative of his own party President, further erodes that good faith.

Thirdly, the duplicitous act of having one DPP official like Hon. Nankhumwa calling for contact and dialogue on one platform while at the same time other DPP officials, including the DPP President, continue using other platforms to mock and malign the grievances of Malawian voters embodied in Dr. Chakwera’s petition to the Constituional Court, destroys any hope that this so called olive branch is not in fact a Trojan Horse.

As a case in point, it has not escaped our notice that barely a day after DPP’s Hon. Nankhumwa made the supposed conciliatory remarks, DPP’s Hon. Botomani was in South Africa making the rounds on various radio and television programs with a continent-wide audience, sarcastically dismissing Dr. Chakwera’s gallant fight against electoral fraud as ill-conceived and ill-advised. This is despite the fact that ever since his May 31 announcement to Malawians about his decision to challenge the 2019 Presidential results, Dr. Chakwera has not only pursued electoral justice through legal means, but has since inspired other opposition leaders and millions of Malawians who voted for change to join him in the quest for truth and justice, all in the face of relentless efforts from the DPP to frustrate our legal means to those just ends.

It is therefore curious, if not altogether insulting, that the same DPP that persists in its efforts to supplant our collective quest for peace and justice with its right hand would have the gall and temerity to offer us peace without justice with its left hand.

Thankfully, Malawians have already demonstrated that they are not so foolish as to have their righteous indignation placated by anything short of a complete overhaul of all government institutions that the DPP has contaminated, beginning with MEC.

As such, the MCP will only answer those calls for contact and dialogue whose goal is to accomplish that clear aspiration of the Malawian people.

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