Malawian Drug Trafficking Suspect to appear in Hong Kong Court tommorow.

Estina Mukasera, an alleged Malawian drug trafficking lady is tommorow, Monday, December 3rd, expected to appear before court in Hong Kong –China where she is answering drug trafficking charges.

Both Human Rights Defenders Coalition Board Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba, and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on International Relations, Alex Meja, have confirmed to local media.

The two say government of Malawi and Hong Kong Administration will make sure that the lady is granted all legal support for fair trial in the case.

Mkwezalamba said they are following the case with keen interest to ensure that Mukasera gets legal support required for fair trial.

“We have got an assurance from Malawi Government through minister of foreign affairs that there are efforts to send Malawian ambassador or delegates to China to witness the court proceeding,” he said.

Meja said they have been working in collaboration with the Chinese government and Hong Kong Administration so that international law is followed for justice in the case.

“We have been confirmed that our citizen will be fairly represented. The problem was an interpreter but it is the duty of Hong Kong authorities to provide the interpreter for our citizen,” said Meja.

There has recently been an increase in drug trafficking cases that have seen Malawians being arrested abroad.

In July this year, government through foreign affairs ministry cautioned people in the country, especially the youth, to refrain from being used in the illegal trade.

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