Malawi president suffer another court defeat, “Appeal election case dismissed with costs.”

A panel of seven Supreme Court Judges, led by Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, has thrown out an application by lawyers representing President Peter Mutharika to have the high-profile presidential elections case dismissed.

Making his ruling on the matter justice nyirenda says:
“these matters are appealable under provisions 21 and 23. Proceeding from there, we notice a couple of issues; (A) there are no notice appeal files by the first appellant (b) there is a notice of appeal by the second appellant but the matters are matters raised by the first appellant and not the second appellant in the court below.”

“Having made these observations, having heard the skeleton arguments and having heard counsel this morning orally and having considered the matter in entirety we dismiss the matter with costs,” rules the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile the elections case is expected to continue tommorow with president mutharika lawyers cross examining UTM president Chilima.

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