Malawi president launch 30 million Euros irrigation dam, “I fear no one”

Speaking during the launch of the dam in dedza the president said he fears no one.

“Others have been propagating lies that I’ve fled to Mozambique. “I fear no one here, Malawi will continue to be my home and I’m going nowhere”

In his 4 minutes speech, the president further said the dam reservoir will help boost irrigation farming at the Bwanje Scheme downstream

The European Union (EU) is financing the construction work to the tune of 30 million Euros.

The 40 metre-high Bwanje Dam will supply water to an existing 800-hectare irrigation scheme.

Accordjng Eu documents the dam is also part of the green belt initiative that will see farmers growing crops the whole year without depending on rain.

The Scheme was established in 1999 by the Japanese Government.

It is believed to be the largest smallholder irrigation scheme in the Malawi.

The dam is 40 metres high and approximately 150metres long with a storage capacity of 5.6m cubic litres.

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