Malawi Population and Housing Census at 17, 563, 749 with 134,000+ people with albinism.

Malawi Population now at 17, 563, 749 representing 35% growth from 2008 figures and an average annual growth rate of 2.9 %.

The population is expected to double in 2042.

Southern Region is the most populous with 44% followed by Central Region with 43% & the the Northern Region has 13%.

NSO presented the results of the 2018 population census on Friday in Lilongwe during the official launch of the 2018 PHC report.

Secretary to Treasury, Cliff Chiunda, bemoaned the population increase, saying it would strain the limited resources.

“The increased population growth is putting pressure on the environment, thereby causing erratic weather patterns leading to subsequent reduction in crop production and precarious food insecurity,” explained Chiunda.

Chiunda commended NSO for conducting a one-of-its-kind successful electronic census through the use of Computer-Assisted Personal Interview gadgets (CAPI).

To make sure that nobody is left behind the 2018 Census expanded questions on disability by using the Washington Group Questions.

For the first time people with Albinism were also counted.

According to the report there are 134,000+ people with albinism and not 17,000 as previously estimated.

The census results has showed that 10.4% of people have a disability in Malawi that will make policy makers better informed on the needs of minority and vulnerable groups.

Malawian authorities managed to return 99.9% of the tablets used in 2018 Census, demonstrating high level professionalism and efficiency.

The gadget will be shared with Zambia to support their census that is coming up soon.

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