Malawi Polytechnic Students invent a battery that uses soil and water

Four Sstudents from the college have invented a battery that uses water and soil to power torches, phones and light bulbs.

“This battery was made from locally available materials like dragon cane, water, soil and a little bit of copper,” says one of the students, Electronics and Telecomunications Engineering students, Chikumbutso Walani.

The other members of the group are Elizabeth Kananji and Isaac Katemecha, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering students and Blessings Mwasikakata, a Business Administration student.

One of their lecturers, Million Mafuta, sung praises for the group and welcomed the invention, saying it is ideal in solve power generation problems in rural areas, as reported by he college’s website.

In their pursuit, the students impressed an associate lecturer at the College, who is also a consultant in Manufacturing Systems and product design and development, Waheed Mia, who sponsored them and helped them with material design. He says he has observed that the students have excellent ideas but just need to be nudged in the right direction to come up with a marketable prototype of the design. He has since made assurances to support the group which has formed a company called, Beltech, with expertise and mentorship.

“What these students need is a push by mentoring them on how the product could be improved to a point where organizations and individuals could fund it to a commercial product,”

“I came across this invention of the earth battery which is a brilliant idea. It is very effective especially in the remote areas because sand is locally found. Therefore, I decided to sponsor them, help them with design issues and material selection. I am also trying to support them with funding to invest in the product and connect them to appropriate organizations,”, Mia said, as quoted by the Plytechnic website.

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