Malawi police to conduct postmoterm on Jumani after his mystery death.

Malawi Police Service say they will soon conduct an autopsy on the body of a person who claimed to be the biological son of the founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Jumani died suddenly of heart failure on Friday at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Police spokesperson at police headquarters in Area 30 in Lilongwe, James Kadadzera has confirmed of the development in the wake of social media reports accusing the Kamuzu family and the main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of having a hand in the death.

“Both the police and the family have agreed to conduct the postmortem. In actual fact, this is the standard practice when there is a sudden death,” said Kadadzera.

Jumani’s death has been recorded as of that of a foreigner since he holds a foreign citizenship not Malawian and the doctors say he died of heart failure.

He died aged 45 as a Swedish Malawian after he made intriguing allegations how he had been prevented from returning to Malawi to ascertain his descent.

His birth certificate says he was born Jumani Kaunda at Ekwendeni Hospital in Mzimba but he took the country by surprise when he claimed that he was son to Kamuzu, the founding father of the nation whose private life remains a mystery to most Malawians.

Just a few weeks ago, Jumani said he had come to Malawi to reclaim the wealth of his father, Kamuzu Banda, a ruthless dictator who was deposed at the ballot box during the first multiparty democracy in 1994.

Jim Jumani Johansson said he believed some people were paid to conceal information about his father.

Banda, known fondly by his middle name Kamuzu, died in November 1997 aged 101 after ruling Malawi with an iron fist for 30 years.

He was officially unmarried and childless and rumours that his long time confidante and Official Hostess Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira was more than a civil servants and that the two had children have been refuted ferociously over the years.

Nonetheless, Kamuzu equeathed most of his estate to Kadzamira, fondly referred to as Mama.

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