Malawi police officer beaten after he was caught having sex another police officer wife.

No. B3096 Const. Brino Kamtepa 30yrs v. Nambuma T/A Mtema D. LL. Occ. Police Officer C/o C Division attached to Reserve bank has been heavily assualted by angry mob after being caught red handed having sex with a wife of another man(civilian)

Police Zone 4 crew managed to rescue him and was taken to Kamuzu central hosp.

Brief facts of the matter are that the rank above was assigned to report on night shift at above post but excused himself to his bosses that he was not feeling well including his wife at home.

His boss give him a permission.

However around 2000hrs he was caught red handed having sex with another man’s wife after a civilian husband tricked his wife that he was going to a funeral ceremony for 3days.

But turned back the same day to fulfil the rumours heard that his wife was on love affairs with the rank.

The rank was tied with ropes by the owner of the wife and shouted and angry mob came assaulted the rank heavily.

The above well wisher reported to Kawale police whereby Zone 4 crew rushed there and managed to rescue the rank then taken to Kamuzu central hospital for treatment.

Condition of rank abit fair.

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