Malawi police hunt for a prophet after trafficking and impregnating 10 underage girls.

Meanwhile police have rescued the trafficked girls, 10 are pregnant by a prophet popularly known as *DADI ONE*.

The issue was first repoted at Ntcheu police then at Zomba police station through community policing services branch in conjunction with YONECO rescued girls at vge Donda, T/a Makwangwala, D Ntcheu.

The girls were trafficked from Mwanza, Neno, Thyolo, Balaka and Blantyre districts.

There are 18 girls aged between 11 to 16 yrs and 10 of them have their babies aged 7 months old.

Police source told that the father for all babies is Harrison Chatepa who is alleged to be the prophet of *Voice of one calling church*

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