Malawi Moslems form own party called Chilungamo Development Party (CDP) “need for Muslims to rise up”

In his acceptance speech interim president Dr Sharief said it is now the time for Muslims of Malawi to join hands to contribute to all political, social and economic issues in order to build and claim destiny for the future of Muslim Generations to come.

Dr. Imran Shareef further said since the inception of multiparty in Malawi in 1993-1994 wind of change to end one party rule in Malawi Muslims have been in terraces of spectators and not players in a country they were born despite that Islam was the first denomination in Malawi.

Muslims have heavily contributed to change any Government Administration but at the end they have been ignored he said.

He said there was need for Muslims in Malawi to rise up and take stock of themselves.

Officials from the chilungamo development party say one of the principles of Islam is to exercise justice and the name Chilungamo can easily be understood by the rural population whose literacy level is low.

The party will have a green cloth a flag color with Four Stars, one at each corner of the flag and a Half Crest moon at the middle.

Committee members are
President- Dr. Imran Shareef
Deputy President- Sister Khadija Chingomanje Paseli Secretary General- Hannif Kazembe

Deputy Secretary General-Mussa Chiwalo Tresurer General- Mr. Alli Bulla
Depty Tresurer General- Mr. Sulaiman I. Mkmba Pblicity Secretary- Mr. Sherif Kaisi Deputy P. Secetary- Shaibu Masasa Organizing Secretary- Saiti B. Jumbo Deputy Organizing Secretary- Saidi A. Likango Director of Research- Dr. Salmin Omar Iddrussi Deputy Director of Research- Yasini W. Chitsonga Director of Political Affairs- Mr. Hassan Nsawanga Deputy Director of Affairs- Madam Alli Ndine Director of Women- Sister Bertha Kubwalo Diector of Youth- Mahommed Mdala Depty Diector of Youth- Muzammil Afiki MEMBERS
I. Mr Chiwalo
II. A. Jamali
III. Adam Twaha
IV. A. Kamwendo
F. Mbeta
C. Chidothe.

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