Malawi communications regulatory authority summon private media house for giving more coverage to ant- gvt demonstrations.

In a letter seen by the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (Macra) has summoned private owned media house Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation (ZBS) to discuss the manner in which the station covered the two day Civil Society Organisation (CSOs).

The station has been invited to a meeting at Macra’s offices in Blantyre at 14:00 hours on July 5, 2019 (tomorrow, Friday).

The communication regulator says it has observed that the station diverted its usual broadcasting schedule and dedicated over 40% of broadcast on updates of the said demonstrations.

“Whilst, Macra recognizes and encourages freedom of press, it’s our belief that responsible broadcasting of events that could likely endanger public safety and security should at all times be observed.

“Macra has observed that the manner in which you have conducted the broadcast may be deemed sensetionalization of the said demonstration with the potential of inciting violence”, reads the letter.

The anti-Ansah demons continues on Friday.

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