KCH Nurses Strikes Due To Allowance. Elective surgeries suspended, Outpatient Units closed

According to the memorandum AihNews has seen say due to an acute severe shortage of nurses the surgery department at KCH has scaled down its services effective today, 1st march 2019, for an indefinate period of time.

Nurses who have been covering for the chronic shortage are planning to put down their tools as they lobby for a raise in their locum allowance, As a result, our theatres will be able to perfom emergency procedures only.

We will begin to reffer stable patients that can be operated at the district hospitals back to their district hospitals for management as a way of decongesting our wards which have also been affected by the same shortage in nursing staff.

The memo further say its requesting all clinicians in our catchment area to refer to KCH only critical emergency cases until this crisis has been resolved.

In regards to the current crisis in nursing services, KCH OBGYNAE department has come up with the following working arrangements to maximise patient safety.
With effect from 1/03/2019,
1. Elective surgeries have been put on hold until further notice .
2. The Outpatient department and High dependency Units have closed.
3. Available nurses are to cover emergencies in Labour ward, theatre and postnatal ward.
4. Gynae emergency cases are to be admitted in Postnatal ward.

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Nurses overtime allowances during day time is mk 3200 that’s 8hrs which is equivalent to mk400 per hour.

Those working night duty they are paid mk3600 which is equivalent to mk 225 per hour.

Nursed have been demanding at least increament from mk3200 to mk10000 and mk3600 to mk15000.

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