Kamuzu Day: MCP Lazarus Chakwera Reach Out To Late Aaron Gadama Relatives For Reconciliation.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera was on Tuesday joined relatives in kasungu in remembering the founding father of republic of malawi.

Chakwera said it was a day of great healing and miracle of reconciliation.

Chakwera paid a respects and laid a wreath at the resting place of the late Hon. Aaron Gadama at the invitation of his family, including his children.

Late Aaron Gadama was one of the three Cabinet ministers and a legislator believed to have been murdered under the MCP administration in 1983.

Gadama is believed to have been assassinated alongside Twaibu Sangala , Dick Matenje and former member of Parliament (MP) David Chiwanga during MCP’s one-party era in 1983 in Mwanza.

The four were driving in the south of the country when, by official accounts, their car went off the road and plunged down a 100-foot embankment.

The MCP failed to explain why the bodies bore the marks of gunshot wounds.

There was no state funeral, or official condolences to the relatives of the dead – courtesies that would have been usual after a car accident.

A commission of inquiry after the dawn of multiparty democracy said police acting on official orders had killed three of Kamuzu Banda’s cabinet ministers and MP in May 1983 and disguised their deaths as a car accident.

Kamuzu Banda, who ruled Malawi from independence in 1964 until he was ousted in the first multi-party elections in May 2014 by his successor, President Bakili Muluzi, is remembered on May 14 a public holiday- a day which was his official birthday.

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