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Robot Uses AI to Sort & Fold Laundry

A $16,000 artificial intelligence-powered machine just to fold laundry… and it doesn’t even work right as explains Dami Lee from the Verge: I had brought my own Verge T-shirt to try out a prototype of Laundroid, and I had to coax Seven Dreamers CEO Shin Sakane into letting me drop my shirt in, instead of the demo shirts they had prepared. As he expected, it didn’t work. After about 15 minutes, the Laundroid opened up to reveal nothing but an empty drawer. An engineer had to reach into the machine to pull out the shirt.

Laundroid uses multiple robotic arms to pick up the clothes, which are then scanned by cameras. It’s connected by Wi-Fi to a server that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the object, and a neural network containing 256,000 images of different clothing items. The robot arms then determine the best way to handle the clothing, where to hold it up by, and how it should be folded. You’ll need a couple of hours for it to finish folding a load of laundry, as one T-shirt takes about 5–10 minutes to fold.

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