I will make myself available to take questions in Parliament: Lazarus Chakwera

MCP Mangochi rally.
Talking Points
Lazarus Chakwera MCP Leader

1. He mentioned of upgrading mangoch into a City which will be a main center of tourism in Malawi, by & by all the districts along the lake Malawi will be totally be turned into tourism atraction centers.

2. Chakwera is ready to be a servant leader to the Malawians Not a boss leader like the one we have @ the moment. He shall always be making him self available to take questions in Parliament.

There will be an independent body which will be mandated to choose potential persons to occupy crucial government positions. Not always the President alone endorsing people.

3. He will develop proper water supplying systems to both urban & village dwellers.

4. He will work hard to completely end the rampant corruption we have in Malawi. This will be done so that the tax money collected shud really benefit Malawians.

5. Will try hard to improve the livelihood of the cival servants, he will improve their salaries & also construct descent houses. The police service was @ the center on this point.

6. He will make sure that all Malawians are united, he will end segregation based on region & religion… He will make sure that all Malawians have equal opportunities of jobs regardless of where they r coming from. On this point he mentioned an example of how his sons and daughters have scattered across the nation in terms of marriage…

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