Gvt hits back at VP Chilima stop making wild allegations against innocent public officers and organs of State, “we will be forced to get into his cupboard and flash his skeletons out”


Government would like to remind Dr. Saulos Chilima that his habit of telling lies with the aim of gathering voters is shameful and beneath the office of Vice President.

Dr. Chilima knows his allegations that the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) are sponsoring the campaign of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are false.

It is common knowledge that the books of the two institutions are audited and we challenge Dr. Chilima to produce just a single audit report that indicated or suggested the institutions are funding political activities of the DPP.

His ploy of sponsoring people at MRA and MACRA to manufacture allegations against their institutions and their leaders is primitive and will fail.

We would like to warn Dr. Chilima to stop this pettiness of making wild allegations against innocent public officers and organs of State otherwise we will be forced to get into his cupboard and flash his skeletons out.

The Public may wish to be reminded that recently he claimed that Government has procured a machine to be used for rigging and that the alleged machine was being housed at MACRA.

He promised to give details of the said machine. This promise has not been fulfilled to date.

Before the wetness of this lie dried up, Dr. Chilima was at it again promising that at one of his rallies in Blantyre he would give the public a list of public officers who are stealing public resources.

This promise too has not seen the light of day despite Dr. Chilima holding many political meetings in Blantyre.

We know that Dr. Chilima is desperate and trying hard, including through telling lies, to sell his so called transformative agenda which rides on the promise that in the event of him forming Government public resources will not be mismanaged.

However, we are all aware how Dr. Chilima is currently mismanaging public resources by receiving a salary and using other public resources like vehicles and security while he absconds from duty.

The threats by Dr. Chilima are instigated by the personal grudges that he jealously cherishes against some individuals at MRA and MACRA which date back to the time he was in the private sector and which also registered during the time he chaired the Malawi Public Service Reforms Commission.

These people are being targeted because he has personal scores to settle with them for reasons that are demeaning to reveal.

Dr. Chilima is being kindly reminded that the politics of retribution and threats is not transformative and has no place in democratic Malawi.

The public is assured that no public resource is being used to sponsor any activity of the DPP.

Signed Henry Mussa Min information and communications technology.

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