Govt Hits Back at JB Over Driver’s License Fee, “That is short sighted”.

Malawi Government through its spokesperson, Henry Mussa, has taken a swipe on former president, Joyce Banda, who said government must abolish validity period on driver’s license.

Banda, who is also president for the People’s Party, told a political gathering on Thursday in Lilongwe that the expiry date on the licenses must be removed, saying it is digging deep into Malawians’ pockets.

Reacting to JB Minister of information Henty Mussa says it is surprising why the former president failed implement what she is saying when she was in power.

“Once upon a time, she was president of this country; why didn’t she do what she is talking about? That is short sighted.

The drivers we are talking about use the roads which wear and tear and need to be repaired. Where are we going to get money for that if we do not put that measure?” he said.

According to the former head of state, if a person passes first driving test, it means that particular person knows how to drive and as such, there is no need for further tests.

She also took to task the electoral commission over nomination fee for parliamentary aspirants, saying the fee is a setback to democracy.

She said the K500, 000 for male aspirants and K250, 000 for female candidates is too much and needs to be trimmed to give room for more people to contest at the 2019 polls.

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