Geoffrey Kapusa Apprehended by Ntcheu Police, Accused of collecting K293 000 from Bisika.

Radio and television personality Geoffrey Kapusa, aka Mr. Splash, is under arrest at Lingadzi Police Station in Lilongwe for collecting K293 000 meant for field work he was supposed to do for Dr. Thomas Bisika’s consulting firm and disappeared without going to the field work.

According to Bisika, Kapusa was hired as a research assistant and he went at 6am to collect his money from his firm in order to facilitate him and the firm’s other six members of staff to go to Nkhotakota for their job but he disappeared without informing his supervisor.

“He is the only one who disappeared with the money nd he delayed his friends by over 4 hours in the process [as they waited for him to join him]. This is not a personal issue between Geoffrey Kapusa and myself. It is an office matter.

“Geoffrey Kapusa approached me two months ago asking for some work. He sounded helpless and I even sent him K50,000. This week we hired him as a Research Assistant along side 25 others. He took part in a two day training which ended on Thursday November 30, 2018 in the evening.

“on Friday he came at 6am at Platinum Hotel to collect his K293,000 field allowance and disappeared immediately without informing his supervisor.

This was reported to me by his supervisor. We were not sure what had happened to him and initiated a man hunt through a paid advert.

“He was later apprehended by police around 3pm at Ntcheu aboard AXA Executive Coach. The matter is with Lingadzi Police in Lilongwe where a complaint was launched.

“As an organization we are happy that at least we can now account for our missing research assistant but we are disappointed with his subsequent behavior. It is sad!” Bisika said.

The development over Kapusa started with that paid up advert that was placed on Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) on Friday indicating that Kapusa was missing from Platinum Hotel.

The paid up advert said those with information leading to his whereabouts and that a reward of K10,000 would be given to the one who would provide accurate information.

Soon after an audio clip of the ZBS advert went viral on social media, Kapusa himself responded by circulating an audio clip on social media saying he is not missing but rather on his way to Blantyre.

He said he had heard of the advert on ZBS and he defended himself saying he was working with Bisika and he checked out of Platinum Hotel where he had been booked to stay in order to start off for Nkhotakota where he was supposed to do his work that he was assigned to do.

Kapusa claimed that Bisika was not happy that he had checked out of his room at Platinum and he claimed Bisika terminated his services by instructing him to leave Lilongwe.

“Please disregard that message [on ZBS that I am missing]. It is not true, I am ok. Whether am going to be forced off the bus, but I am going gome.

“I am under instructions from Dr. Bisika to go home and I am going home. That is not true and I am very sad and I will take legal action,” Kapusa said.

Bisika maintains that their biggest concern in placing for the missing person advert was because Kapusa was in their care and if they had let it go just like that, they would have been held accountable if something was to have happened to him.

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