Fighting for Southern Region Dpp Supremacy Intensify

The DPP Convention battle that saw Kondwani Nankhumwa defeating Henry Mussa and Joseph Mwanamvekha for the position of Southern Region Vice President is far from over- as the defeated duo has now adopted some unorthodox means to cushion their lose.

Mussa and Mwanamveka has since teamed up with Ben Phiri to wage war against Nankhumwa by, among others, creating alot of propaganda stories, the latest one being one involving Chiradzulu East aspirant Nomale and Macra Boss Godfrey Itaye which has gone viral on social media.

The Nomale plot was coined during a Christmas party hosted by Ben Phiri at his Bvumbwe residence which was also attended by Mwanamveka and Mussa.

The hatred towards Nankhumwa has accelerated in the past weeks following reports mentioning him as a possible running mate to Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as well as the growing popularity he has gained in the region.

In the Nomale- Macra propaganda, the machinery with funding from the trio claimed the state run agency was funding Nomale to unseat Henry Mussa, while further claiming that all was done with Nankhumwa’s influence.

But sources within Macra said the reports are just a continuation of an anti-Godfrey Itaye war which the trio has been funding for the past three years.

“They think the fact that Itaye came in while Nankhumwa was the information minister makes the DG (Director General) a Nankhumwa boy forgetting that it was President Mutharika who made those appointments.

So in their poor minds, they are thinking that by fighting Itaye they are also fighting Nankhumwa.

“I’m telling you, if this battle had a basis, President Mutharika would have fired Itaye long time ago,” said a source at Macra.

Few weeks ago, the trio also funded another failed propaganda which claimed that Nankhumwa has been abusing his local government ministry to develop his area only. Since ascending to the Southern Region vice presidency, Nankhumwa has swiftly shaken up the region which has been sleeping for the past four years by addressing rallies that attract huge crowds. Ironically, Mussa, Mwanamvekha and Ben Phiri have been shunning such rallies.

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