Exclusive: main reasons why Abiti Manice has been arrested

Social media controversial figure Abiti Manace Hughes has been arrested by Police in Malawi on charges of falsifying information and insulting the President.

Upon arrival at the Airport, Manice presented herself as an American citizen and produced a United States passport bearing the name Manice Hughes. At this point she was asked what Nationality she is and Manace told the immigration officials that she was a Malawian national.

She was later asked if she has ever used a Malawian passport bearing the name Manace William Daudi, Manice answered the question in the affirmative and it was at this point that she was arrested and told that she had made a false declaration about her identify to a public officer.

Abiti Manace was later taken to a Police cell with the Airport where upon search her it was discovered that she had two passports; one Malawian and another American with different names.

Manace, a professional nurse who works as a home care agent in Maryland USA recently courted controversy after declaring that she is related to President Mutharika while at the same time persistently attacked the President in the social media.

Recently Manace was hosted on a Times television talk show “Tikudziweni” during which she defended her claims that she is a nephew to President Mutharika and repeated her criticism of the President.

President Peter Mutharika’s late brother married Ethel Zyauya who was a sister to my mother. ” Manace told the host.

Meanwhile officials from the American embassy in Lilongwe that went to assist Manace upon arrest on the understanding that she was an American citizen have returned following confusion as to the correct nationality and identity for Abiti Manace Daudi Hughes.


Yamikani Chezani

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