Excavator operator arrested for intentionally endangering pedestrian in lilongwe.

According to a police report seen by aihnews excavator registration number KK 1173 has been impounded and operator is now in police custody.

Police says the operator has been found with the following offences; (1) Intentionally endangering safety of persons traveling by road C/sec 237 of Road Traffic Act. (2) Driving a motor vehicle w/o such class C/sec 18 (1) and W/O Prdp C/Sec 45 (1) of the Road Traffic Act. (3) Driving a motor vehicle with expired certificate of insurance C/Sec 141 of RTA and (4) Driving a motor vehicle W/O Certificate of fitness C/Sec 69 (1), (2) and 74 (1), (2) of RTA against Mr Ephraim Chinkhwangwa, age 36 years, Vge Kapamphi, T/A Kabunduli, D Nkhatabay C/O ALIMEID Transport, P.O Box 1059, Lilongwe.

The incident occurred on 12/02/2019 at about 10;15 hours at Kapani along Kamuzu Procession M1 road.

Police brief facts says on the above stated date, time and place, traffic officers from Kanengo Police station were executing their normal traffic checks at Kapani along Kamuzu Procession road, In the course of performing their duties No. B4894 T/Const Nkhwiya stopped a JCB excavator Machine registration number KK 1173 which was being driven by Mr Ephraim Chinkhwangwa.

Upon checking the vehicle, the officer discovered that the driver had no such class of Driving Licence C/sec 18 (1) and W/O Prdp C/sec 45 (1) of the Act in the course of cautioning him, the driver decided to move and park the machine right at the middle of the Road without apparent reason, possibly showing anger to the Police officers.

Then the driver deliberately abandoned the machine and stretched its folk both front and rear and blocked the road way completely. Then the driver left the machine unattended which prompted the officers to apprehend driver. Currently the driver has been arrested for the above offences and will appear before Court.

JCB excavator machine impounded at Kanengo Police station.


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