Emtee speaks out on his collapse – ‘ I don’t drink alcohol’

Emtee says he is “fine” and there is no need for concern. 

Musician Emtee has broken his silence on his ‘collapse’ during a performance over the weekend after video footage of the incident went viral on social media, with the hip-hop star insisting it was “just a fall” and there’s nothing more to it.

“I’m doing great. Absolutely fine. I just fell. The security was worried so they took me backstage.

The stage was very small and I had to watch my step.

It must’ve been a wire that made me fall because I wouldn’t have just fallen out of the blue.”

Emtee said he wasn’t phased by the comments around the incident, many involving drugs and alcohol claims.

“You know, with hip-hop there will always be rivalry and putting each other down. Like, ‘look at him. Hahaha.’ ”

A viral video showing the musician falling backwards has drawn concern from fans.

He also slammed celebrities who have spoken out about the incident and called out his record label Ambitiouz for not taking action.

Yamikani Chezani

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