Elections case: Malawi Attorney General laughs during court proceedings, lawyers accuse him of slowing proceedings and asking un-contentious questions.

High court judges today continued hearing elections case after a weekend break with UTM president.

And in today’s court proceedings was never without controversy when AG based his cross examination questions on assumption.

AG Kaphale started questioning Chilima on allegations and intimidation of party monitors.

Kaphale: “Would you mention which sworn statements & who are the monitors”

Chilima mentioned a list of 11 monitors who were intimidated. He also cited polling stations where it happened.

Then Kaphale wanted to find out the percentage of the polling stations which were affected. Chilima explained that the monitors were in different streams.

Before the adjournment, Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale asked UTM leader, Saulos Chilima, on whether the 0.0022 percentage of monitors intimidated is enough to be considered significant.

Court has upheld the objection by Chilima lawyers.
“The court has further censored Kaphale for laughing while another lawyer, Bright Theu was making his submission”.

On bribery;
Chilima read from a statement that DPP Brown Mpinganjira and Charles mchacha dished out money to monitors during polling at one station, saying the money was meant for airtime but was later distributed to voters. Chilima said efforts to take pictures proved futile as they were barred by security.

MCP lawyer Modecai Msisha rose on objection that slow pace of cross examination by the AG. Msisha says the AG is dwelling on questions which are not contentious.

Court adjourned to tommorow meanwhile attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale apologized for smiling while Chilima’s lawyer Bright Theu was speaking, saying he is just a human and was not meant to offend anyone.

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