Elections Case: Chilima gives details of fake and duplicate electroal tally sheet, “we should not discuss fake documents.”

Responding to attorney general today…

Kaphale: You sent monitors to all polling stations.

Chilima: That is correct.

Kaphale: Has anyone of them produced sworn statement challenging the results?

Chilima: Not to my knowledge.

Kaphale: They signed to some of them.

Chilima: That is correct.

Kaphale: If there’s an issue then it is the use of duplicate and not content.

Chilima: That’s correct including that page document 291 is fake and duplicate.

Kaphale: Why are you using the word ‘fake’?

Chilima: My lady my lords, original tally sheet, especially results sheets, on the top left hand side where there’s bar code, below the bar code is supposed to be a number onto which has district name, constituency name and code and polling station code and name already printed, The document on page 291, the bar code has number both in digits and letters and the name of polling station in the centre is in ink as well as names of presidential candidates; unlike with previous page 290 where although not legible, the digits below bar code, the first two digits, 07, representing Kasungu district, the next 3 digits 036 for constituency Kasungu West and last 5 digits 07081 that is the code for polling station and it should be printed in ink as were told when the materials were brought in from Dubai. 

Kaphale: 08095, could that be a tally center? 

Chilima: I haven’t checked it.

Kaphale:Whose fault is it?

Chilima: For not checking?

Kaphale: Yes.

Chilima: May be I could blame myself.

Kaphale: Both MCP and UTM signed that document. You said you told your monitors to sign for correct sheets. Did Mr. Chirwa give you alternative sheets?

Chilima: I did not interview Mr. Chirwa because it is a fake document. 

Kaphale: Whose fault is that?

Chilima: It shouldn’t be anyone’s fault because we should not discuss fake documents.

meanwhile court says won’t have a meeting on case management. Meanwhile, Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale says will make sure his cross examination with Saulos Chilima finishes tomorrow.

Court adjourns to tomorrow 9 AM.

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