DPP officials caught pants down

It has been revealed that DPP officials have instructed all statutory corporations to fund more than 40 million in the upcoming fundraising dinner aimed at raising money for DPP’s convention. 

Their target is 1.3billion from statutory corporations and 500 million from ministries. This demand of 40 million from each statutory corporation has led to LUANAR council to increase lending fee of graduation gowns from K5,000 to K40,000 in order to reach the target amount of K40,000,000.

The graduation has been slated to take place on 21st March and will be graced by his excellence Professor Peter Mutharika. However, the concerned students have written a letter to LUANAR council to explain why they should be used in this fundraising but the university has not yet responded.

The students pending graduation have however warned that they will do unspecified action if the lending fee of the graduation gowns is not reverted back to k5,000 or K7,000 which was the price UNIMA students were charged last month for the same gowns.

Our inside sources at LUANAR, Bunda campus have confided in us that the lending fee of graduation gowns can not be reverted back to K5000 since the council have further been instructed to hire vehicles and provide fuel for DPP supporters to be ferried to the graduation hall at BICC.

When we contacted one of the graduating students to tell us what they have agreed to act if the lending fee of graduation gowns is not reduced from 40,000 back to 5,000, she refused to disclose the actions but confirmed that booing the president will be among the actions to shame him for corrupt actions.

Many LUANAR students pending graduation have also asked ACB to investigate DPP and LUANAR council as these acts are unhealthy to our development. For the students that wanted to abscond the graduation ceremony for financial reasons, they have been warned that if they do so, they will be fined K125,000 to get their certificates.



Yamikani Chezani

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