Decomposed soldier dead body found after a month long drowning accident

According to a report seen by this follows a drowning reference involving Malawi Defence Forces and other civilians of Swanki Construction.

The incident happened at Kasungu/ Ntchisi road OLD Bridge.

The body of LEUTENANT STEVIE MOROSON has been found while trapped by a fallen tree near Chikanda village along Bua river.

A wallet containing his ID card found in the pocket of his trousers.

Burial will take place close to the place it was discovered as it was completely decomposed the report reads.

Last month 4 MDF soldiers went missing after falling into bua river.

According to a police report the incident happened at Bua old steel bridge on Kasungu- Nkhotakota road.

Soldiers of batalion engineers department were assigned to dismantle the suspended metal bridge barriers.

Suddenly as they were cutting the barriers they all feel into the heavy running water.

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