Corruption in Football: Former Malawi player Hellings Mwakasugula banned for life

Former flames and silver strike midfielder hellings mwakasungula has been banned for life from all football related activities by world soccer governing body FIFA.

It is believed that former player got involved in match fixing.

Seven hundred thousand Malawi Kwacha was all Hellings Mwakasungula needed to betray and sell the country to the enemy.

Just hours after FIFA, imposed a lifetime ban on former Malawi and Silver Strikers midfielder Hellings Mwakasungula for a match fixing scandal, it has been revealed that the world’ soccer governing body will investigate Malawi’s defeat to Angola at the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Flames opened their account with a 3-0 win over Algeria but lost 2-0 to Angola, who hosted the tournament.

Now FIFA is investigating Angola’s opening goal as it is believed that there was controversy surrounding the goal.

It has been reported that Mwakasungula, who was a key player during Malawi’s qualification campaign and at the tournament, was communicating with agent Leonel Duarte from as far as 2008 to 2010 to influence Flames’s results in Angola.

According to inside sources, Duarte made a confession after he was implicated in another betting syndicate after his emails were accessed by FIFA.

It has also been revealed that the deal was to find a club for the former Flames player in Angola and he was paid US$1000 (about K730,000).Before slapping him with the ban, Mwakasungula was notified by FIFA who attached all the emails he was using to communicate with Duarte.

Surprisingly, Mwakasungula failed to defend himself and he never responded to the emails from the soccer governing body.

He has been banned together with eight others who were also found guilty of the same offense.

FIFA is also investigating nine players who were part of the squad.

The ban comes barely a month after he was employed by Silver Strikers as one of the technical panel members.

Corruption in Football
Felix Ngamanya Sapao /football analyst

I presume Hellings Mwakasungula was being used by a Singapore based match fixer called Wilson Parumel, Cause one of the match fixers is Kudzi Shaba from Zimbabwe. He is on the list and had fixed a lot of matches for Zimbabwe called Asiagate..

Parumel is the guy I exposed who was working with Henrietta Rhushwayo. I always suspected Malawi in Angola was bought. I found Parumel in the Malawi hotel Malawi was staying in Luanda. I alerted Walter and the coaching staff. Parumel run away at that point.

I exposed Parumel after he tried to recruit me cause I had arranged camp for TP Mazembe in Zimbabwe. I advised CAF & FIFA. Mazembe were in camp for the 2010 FIFA World Club Cup in Harare cause of Harare’s high altitude and Parumel had been working with the ZIFA GS, Henrieta Rushwaya (She was also banned) and Kudzi Shaba.

Cause of the exposure I had to be interviewed by the FBI in South Africa in 2012 organised by FIFA security.

I did not suspect Hellings to be working with Parumel.

After Parumel was arrested in Finland a few years ago, he has now become a FIFA witness, working with FIFA exposing all match fixers.

He was arrested in Finland after he had taken his labtop to be fixed.

The guys who were fixing his labtop read his emails and called the police.This lead to about 5 or 6 Zambian players playing in Finland to be banned. He also might have fixed Malawi U17 by games at the FIFA U17 World Cup in Nigeria.

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