Chimulilenji convoy blocked by football players in ntcheu, “police fire bullets, suspect arrested”

According to police report seen by aihnews police have arrested suspects on conduct Likely to Cause Breach of Peace charge.

The incident occurred on 12/03/2019 at around 1500 hours at Namitengo Primary School, T/A. Ganya, D. Ntcheu. Mr. Lyson Bindula, A. 45 years, Vge. Ngayiyaye, T/A. Njolomole, D. Ntcheu,

Democratic Progressive Party Organising Secretary for Ntcheu North East Constituency reported to the above case against Phillip Goya, A. 29 years, Vge. Kansapato, T/A. Ganya, D. Ntcheu.

Facts are that on 12/03/19 around 1500 hours Hon. Everton Chimulilenji MP for Ntcheu North East Constituency, DPP Running mate who is also Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development had a final football trophies presentation at Namitengo Primary School ground between Mwaiwadza and Spider football teams.

The two teams denied to play the game because they were demanding for jerseys which was not on the plan.

Hon. Chimulilenji tried to convince them to play and promise them that the jerseys will come thereafter but two teams resisted.

Then, the Group Village Headman Zande told Hon. Chimulilenji to present the awards to the third and fourth positioned teams and they were given K200,000 for both to share.

At around 1730 hours, as they were about to leave the place, they received information that people (finalist teams) blocked the road by using trees, big stones and they dug the road. Upon reaching the place at distance of about 100 metres, they found the road blocked and managed to remove the barriers whereby his body guards fired bullets in the air to scare people and arrested the above mentioned suspect.

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