Shocking revelations on livimbo schools saga, “exposes minister vuwa kaunda lies”


As investigation into livimbo has revealed shocking details than what has been in public domain.

It has been revealed,the land in question once belonged to Late Mr I.Conforzi of p.o box 1,Thyolo.

He bought/leased the land on 1st April 1956.

And on 16th March 1990,he asked the department of lands and valuations to change ownership to Mr Nurmahomed Armed(believed to be the father of the current owner)of 5539,Limbe in consideration of the sum of K655,000.00.

See IMAGE below.

This means,the land issue was settled on 30th,March 1990 by then
Controller of lands & Valuation Mr F.N.D. Kaluma with “then” Secretary of OPC signed and sealed the change of ownership on behalf of the ‘then’ LIFE president.

ACCORDING to this document,it proves the ‘then’ govt led MCP under the leadership of Late Life President Ngwazi Dr Kamuzu Hastings Banda certified the ownership.

Meanwhile Parliamentary Committee called for Vuwa Kaunda’s resignation, but the minister says
Atupele Muluzi was the responsible
minister in 2017.

Last week minister kaunda told the media that place has not been sold to anyone but encroached.

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