Woman murdered, houses damaged in retaliation


Police in Nkhata Bay District are keeping in custody a 56 year old man for allegedly killing his relative over land disputes at Chiomba in the area of TA Fukamapiri in the District.

According to reports, the deceased Sophina kaunda aged 48 of Chavula Village TA Fukamapiri in the District, sold a piece of land to the suspect Thom James Manda at Dombolo river in 2018.

They agreed to pay K600,000 of which the suspect managed to pay K250,000 only.

Few month later, it was reported that the land which was sold belonged to Government, which embarassed the suspect.

He therefore wanted the money he started paying to be given back to him immediately which wasnt easy for the woman to manage.

In course of waiting for the money, the suspect thought that the deceased was taking time to give the cash.

He on November 2, 2019 thought of dealing with the woman in a different way.

He followed her at the garden carrying a metal bar in his hands.

Instead of talking to the deceased, he just hit her hard in the abdomen with the metal bar that she unconciously fell down.

Upon seing the incident, relatives reported the matter to Chintheche Police where officers rushed to the scene and took the victim to Chintheche Rural Hospital where she died on arrival.

She died due to internal bleeding, according to the medical personnel.

Later, the suspect was arrested.

Following the incident, angry relatives to the deceased mobilised themselves at night and went to the suspect’s village to retaliate.

At the mean time, seven families have suffered the revenge as their houses have been burnt and some property stolen by the mob.

However, no injuries have been sustain and no life lost.

Police rushed to the village to restore peace. They are currently still on the ground making sure that everyone is safe.

Meanwhile, Police in the district are advising the general public to stop taking the Laws in their hands but rather reporting issues to Police for necessary action.

Story by
Kondwani James
Nkhata Bay Police.

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