A 24 year old female Secondary school teacher has been murdered by her boyfriend, who later killed himself using a knife at Thanganyika Village, Traditional Authority Njolomole in the district at around 1400 hours on Wednesday.

Late Esther Kaputa, was a teacher at Njolomole Community Day Secondary school, and was in a love affair with Berief Banda, 27.

Esther used to stay with her brother, but sometimes could be joined by her boyfriend too.

The late Esther, ended her love affair with her boyfriend, Belief Banda, some two months ago for reasons best known to themselves.
When this happened, the boyfriend left Ntcheu for Lilongwe only to return last Sunday, September 22.

After meeting for discussions pertaining to their differences, Belief Banda went back to Lilongwe same day.

On Tuesday evening, Belief came to Ntcheu again, he proceeded to his girlfriend’s house where they spent a night together.

As usual, at around 0700 hours on Wednesday, after making himself prepared for school, the brother to the late Miss Esther, called his sister to get up and prepare for work.

It was Esther’s boyfriend who replied and told the young man that Esther is not going to work because she is not feeling well.
The young man never spoke or heard anything from Esther herself.

At around 1400 hours, when Esther’s brother returned home from school, he found the main door of the house locked from inside.

After knocking attempts never materialised, the young man employed other means of trying to hook the keys from outside to make his entry into the house.

When this attempt finally worked and made his way into the house, he found both, Esther and Belief, lying dead in a pool of blood with stabbed wounds.

Post mortem results done by Ntcheu District Hospital are not yet out.

The late Esther Kaputa, hailed from Chipula Village, Traditional Authority Simlemba, Kasungu.
Whilst her boyfriend, Belief Banda, hailed from Ngalande Village, Traditional Authority Njolomole in Ntcheu.

Story by inspector Hastings Chigalu Ntcheu Police Public Relations Officer*

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