AG, Police, HRDC Resolve To Continue Ant – Jane Ansah Demonstration.


After seven hours of deliberation human rights activists, malawi police and attorney general representatives resolved to give a go ahead for ant-jane ansah demonstration but with caution that laws must be observed.

HRDC asked AG to deal with cadets who they claim are being protected by the police.

Some of the talking points were
People demonstrating should be unarmed.

Marshalls should be deployed; their numbers, identification should be legible.

Mode of transport to ferry people after demonstrations.

Media should stop live Broadcasting on demonstration.

And the meeting had disagreements on

–Police training Marshals.

–Police to have personal details of Marshals.

–HRDC to provide transport to demonstors after demonstrations.

–Party leaders not to be given platform to talk during demos.

The meeting also had a heated debated and disagreed AG’s side failure to include a clause in their commitments that DPP cadets will be arrested if they cause mayhem during demonstrations.

The recommendations are expected to be forwarded to supreme court judge who sanctioned the two parties.

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