Prophet Bushiri spiritual son apostle goodwins mwalughali resigns after rape charges. “they was a mutual agreement, I did not rape her”


Apostle Apostle Goodwins Mwalughali, Pastor of Bushiri’s church in George (ECG Garden Route) was arrested for allegedly raping a young woman in George on 28-12-2019.

The police took action after a newspaper publications.


From: Apostle Goodwins Mwalughali.

I write to let you know that it is true that I have been implicated in the rape case.

I know you have been waiting to hear from me about this, allow me to say this in brief, the rest will be said in court if the issue goes that far.

I didn’t rape her, whatever happened between us, they was a mutual agreement.

We all fell into the sexual trap willingly which is now implicated as rape.

I tried to take full responsibility of this by apolosing to her when she started feeling bad and guilty of what we all did, unfortunately it all heightened to this big issue now.

Both me and her knows they was nothing like a rape.

I was adviced by many to run away but I couldn’t because I know the truth and her too that I didn’t rape her.

Whether what I claim as my truth will be defeated, it’s all fine, I will accept the verdict but I solemnly deny that I raped her and she knows it very well but I will let justice take it’s course.

I am much aware if proved guilty, I will be arrested and serve my sentence.

I am not trying to defend myself, what me and her did was wrong.

On my own behalf I sinned against God, the church, my wife and even myself and her. It’s unfortunate this has affected her negatively to this extent she has taken it to. I still apologise to her as I did before for having slept with her and affecting her like this. I have made peace with God and I still write to you the church to also forgive me. Many have been affected and things won’t be the same, I take the blame but forgive me please. Whether in jail on out am still looking forward to make peace with her, her family and any concerned person in this, I am deeply sorry and regret that I could have not fallen for this.

I know my reputation is now affected as a man of God but I will still remain the man of God. Out of my own godly conscious, I hereby step aside from any church responsibilities as an acting Pastor in Garden Route branch and steward in church. This is not a resignation, I will still remain a man of God and continue serving Him regardless wherever I go. I have communicated to our leaders in Pretoria Headquarters and proper action will be taken together with the acting leaders of the church in Garden Route as all position were dissolved.

This is not how I planned to leave Garden Route like and I feel the pain but I can’t minister my priestly duties to the best in this situation, please understand me. I wish you all the best and I will keep on praying for you whether in jail or not in jail.

Apostle Goodwins Mwalughali(acting

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